Thursday, September 17, 2009

Journey’s end, time to begin anew

When the door closes on something good do you stand look at the closed door so long and miss the open door? It is usually because you fear change so you stand and wait hoping against all hope that the closed door will reopen and let you back in.

Only once it is closed it will never open to you again because everything you needed to learn from it you already have. There is nothing more for you there but to pick up and move on but what you may not realize is that the closed door caused change too.

So even though you don’t want change and are scared of it you still get it whether or not you want it. It doesn’t matter what way you look at it the closed door behind you is change in and of itself as is the open door in front of you.

So you try to hold onto the close door as long as you can because you know it and all it holds but the new door you do not. Since it is unexplored who knows what it might hold for you and some times you would rather not chance it.

In childhood I use to hold onto the good times with all my might never wanting to let go for anything. Because I found change so scary and thought that good times were few and far in between.

When I was five or six years old there was almost always places to go and people to visit, friends, cousins and grandparents. As I got older those times that were so fun became fewer and fewer so I started to miss them more and more.

Whenever someone would stop by for a while and leave I got a huge sense of loss and didn’t want them to leave. As I got a bit older I started hating those times and didn’t want to see anyone anymore hoping to not feel the emptiness it left behind.

So much so that I started hating any change big or small and would dig in my feet against anything I didn’t like. Or something that had the appearance of bringing change along with it and when something did I always wanted it to go back to what it had been.

To that degree some of us fear change because at a young age if it gives you a strong painful emotion. An emotion you don’t know how to deal with that comes from change so you will always fear change and be afraid of anything that is in any way related to it.

Thus you get a strong sense of dread whenever you start a new journey or think you are going to start a new journey. Usually you stop yourself from moving forward because you try to hold onto something that you feel is good not wanting to loss it.

At the end of every journey another one begins and at the end you are not only saying good bye to something good. You are also saying good bye to a part of you that you were and no longer need so you can become more.

Only the release of good bye can allow you to move on and become more and be who you are meant to be. Journeys end does not have to be sad unless you make it that way instead it can be a joy of saying thank you for all I was and learned and will become.

You can say good bye with happiness for all the journey has brought you and for the wonderfully thought of what is to come. When one door closes another one opens and when you have completed a journey are about to say good bye and move on say thank you for everything.

Let everything that you saw, felt, thought and experienced come to mind and be grateful for it all and move forward. I look forward to every new beginning and gratefully say good bye because there is always one person that come with me on every journey.

That person I know I will always get to take with me no matter what and that person becomes better with every passing day. That person to me is of course me and when you look in the mirror the person that goes with you on all your own journeys is YOU.

Beautiful wonderful you! Always love the person you are and be grateful that you will always be there for everything.
So has ended for me a journey that seems I started a lifetime ago now and yet it wasn’t so long at all.

Now I joyfully start a new one that is even more amazing then the one before because of all the changes I see in myself and in life surrounding.
There is much beauty to see when you are in between the ending of one journey and the beginning of a new one.

Look around you the color of everything is brighter and the things you see every day or brighter.
Every has looks the same but has somehow changed because it is you that has changed and when you do. Everything else changes with you, because it is all you and always has been and always will be.

Take a good look.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peak Coach Performance

Just a small note to pass along to other coaches a webinar that I said I would help another coach pass along the word for, so here's the info for you all.

A free webinar on Peak Coach Performance On July 23, hosted by Chuck Schroeder. You can check it out here

In the webinar he will go over 4 keys to success in the coaching business:

* Running the business of the business
* Doing the Coaching
* Getting and maintaining clients, and
* Maximizing your Peak Coach Performance™

Chuck Schroeder, is a Executive Coach and Founder of all things coaching.

I told Chuck, I would help him out and spread the word to those I figured would be interested in it. The time for it are at 5 PM Pacific (6 Mountain, 7 Central,8 Eastern).


Love and abundance I look forward to seeing you all there!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

No matter how much or little you have, if you have happiness you have it all.

Gratitude. There is a quote that goes ““Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.- Robert Brault, Author.

For me it is about being grateful for the things you have and for the little things, only you will begin to see that when your grateful for them they really are the big things not the opposite.

Know the trick, “What you put your attention/focus on expends; well it is true because when your being thankful for those small things, it gives you more to be grateful for and those little things don’t seem so little.

At least that’s how it is for me and what it was like yesterday, so many little things served to make it feel like another one of my best days ever, a great feeling from out of nowhere.

Even a distant neighbor giving me heck about being single and having to listen to him talk about finding the right person (for like the 50th time) it didn’t bother me either even though I’ve heard it time and again from him.

Funny how people who have been divorced a couple of times have always got to give you advice for dating when they have had so much trouble in that area themselves. No way would anyone want to take advice from someone who’s had trouble in the area they are trying to give you advice in!

The thing is you want advice from someone who already has what you want, not the opposite. Things are a lot different in the dating then they were back in his day and age and you have to take your time and not rush things.

You really have to know yourself, your values and what’s most important to you and find someone whom shares your interests and passions in life. Though I have to say most importantly don’t go for just anyone at all either.

You can not just be with anyone, you want to be with Someone! Not a person who makes you comfortable and is nice to be with, but someone who is so amazing you can not even believe it.

Someone who blows your mind and takes your breathe away with the things that he/she does and amazing he/she is, the perfect someone that you might feel is only in your dreams and you might not ever find someone like that.

So do you feel like your holding out for the perfect someone and a friend or someone asks what your holding out for, tell them you are holding out for everything, and everything you will have.

Though not the point I wanted to make here, some times it’s just that people like that neighbor seem act as though I am wasting my life if I’m not married or that if I don’t have someone of my own then I can not be happy or something.

Things like that come on their own time and you can not put a time limit on it. My point here is, yesterday was the 4th of July and most everyone was watching and/or lighting off firecrackers.

I spent the day talking to and hanging out with my sister and family, neither I nor the family had the money to get fireworks and they didn’t go to a display either and neither did I.

Despite that I had one of the best days of my life, it wasn’t about the big things, even though I love the work displays and even though it’s the time of year I always look forward to.

I had fun watching Nail Diamond in TV with my mom and their were just so many things throughout the day that made it so awesome that it didn’t matter so much.

So of those little things I am grateful for yesterday, they really were the big things because it doesn’t matter how much or little you have so long as you have happiness then you really everything.

So forget the rest it doesn’t matter so long as you choose to be happy.

"In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful,but gratefulness that makes us happy. _ Unknown Author.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take a chance, you might just find you have everything to lose and everything to gain from it

Why is it that we fear to do some things and not others? I feel the answer to that question is comfort zone, something's we fear to do because it is out side of our current comfort zone, while others are not.

Some times also we don't do a lot of the things we really want to do because we are scared to do them, and as a result of that we find ourselves unhappy and/or resentful of others who have more then we do.

Another direct result of not getting or going for what we want is of course having less then we deserve and lower self-esteem and lowered self confidence.

How many times have you not done something or gone for something you knew you really wanted, and all because the "what if's" kept popping up in your mind so you didn't?

Some times we wait and in some of those times we wait to long or until we feel pain and only then do we act. No one should wait until they feel pain and yet, pain is a big motivating force. You would think that everyone likes to learn the hard, no in fact it is that we want change and fear it at the same time.

Would you rather learn the hard way what happens when you don't go for what you want?
I have seen what the price to pay is when you don't take a chance, some times it is not that bad. Other times it is.

Just before I saw what listening to the what if's and not taking a chance does, had read something and it started me thinking, what if I didn't take a chance even if I was scared and really missed out, you know, I said as much to my mother, I told her that we should be more afraid of what "WONT happen" because we did not take a chance then actually being afraid of "Might" happen. I would rather say that I took a chance no matter what then to say, 'oh jeez I could have had that' it's a better way to do things then to just sit and watch things pass you by that you could have had.

I have a very good example of what missing out on something is like and I hope it goes home for you so that you wont have to learn the hard way. Okay this one is really personal difficult to write but I strongly about putting it out there for others to see so they could learn from it the way I did and am so thankful I did.

I have known someone that I would have given my right arm to date (well maybe not bu you get my meaning) so anyway I got to know him some but not really well because I was and I wasn't all that interested and I was put off by the difference in age. So even though I liked him and I knew he liked me I kind of went the other way and didn't let him know I was interested, mostly because of the age and I told myself that he wasn't really interested in me or at least that's what I told myself, confidence was a problem as well.

So let a long time pass me by and didn't do anything until it was to late, of course in that time I had met someone whom I was engaged to be married to, and of course I needed time to move on again, but by then I found out I was to late because he is taken now.

Though while having a conversation with my sister the other day it just kind of hit me what I had to learn from it, because while I knew that we can lose out on some good things if we try or take chance but this time I had something to go on. Something that I had a chance at and missed out on, and I regret having missed the chance now that I have the confidence.

So even though I know now what people mean when first hand when they go for it right and do not wait until you have this or that, and why is because you might never have the chance, and so it was with me.

Even though it happened I'm really glad it did because I learned a very valuable life lesson and I do not care how I learned it because I needed to learn it and it's going to stay with me for a long time. So whenever I see something that I want to go for and I'm a little bit scared about it, I'll think about that situation and realize just what I have could lose if I don't take a chance.

I know that this is a really big turning point in my life and I feel that I'm going to be so much more thankful for having learned that lesson later on in life.

So I hope you can learn from my example and not have to do things the hard way and remember this go for it and don't wait until you have something you "think" you need, so while you might have nothing to gain from it you might just have everything to lose, you never know.

"You don't know what you could lose if you don't go for it, you could just gain a lifetime."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The universe loves YOU

Has anyone ever told you just how loved you are? Not just by people, but by god or source or the universe, or whatever that is higher then ourselves that you believe in. For me it is “God’ the universe and/or the world at large.

I know that I am loved and that I am watched over, here I’ll tell you what I mean in more detail.

This is something that has been running through my mind a lot the last few months and it has given me a different outlook on life, it is a more positive way of looking at things and that’s for sure. These kinds of things continue to run through my mind in after something happens to show me this king of thing.

Just like everyone does, I fall down and get back up dust myself off again, at times I’m not quite sure why it is that I fall. (at least not until afterward's) though if I did know why, then I would never fall at all. However like so many people I’m a work in progress and so is figuring some things that out.

One thing is for sure whenever I have trouble trying to figure something out, and am starting to come out of the “out of place” feeling something almost always seems to happen to show me that I am loved.
Loved by god or a higher source or the universe or whatever you want to call it. I know I am loved, even if I didn’t feel so by people then I would always know that a higher power loves me. The same for everyone out there, everyone is loved watched over by a higher power, it’s just that more often then not most people don’t recognize it or even realize it.

(Though if you do feel something is off for no explainable reason, it’s probably because you are going to make a quantum shift. meaning the way your conscious mind views things, the way you perceive things is getting ready to change. I know that from experience and from a friend.)

Another thing to note is that some times we focus on figuring out what the problem is when instead you should be focusing on what makes you feel good.

Anyway to continue my story here, I felt that off feeling a bit again like I’m missing something and not quite sure what or that I’m not doing something I should be doing. I can only guess to part of why I felt that way but the rest of it I have no idea.

I think maybe one reason for feeling something was wrong is because I lost a penny I carry with me everywhere. Yes I know it’s just A penny right, but not to me it’s not.

Because it was my grandfathers and since he’s no longer alive I like to keep some little things of his and I liked to carry it around on my person. I never found it but that’s not really important because what I learned from it is.

I went out for a walk, I found a penny and just smiled because it’s interesting that whenever I feel out of place the universe is always showing me in small ways that I am loved. It always wants us to have what we want.

It’s kind of like the worlds way of saying that it wants you to be happy and that whatever you want you Can and Will have, whatever, it’s yours. In a sense it’s like your a child and when you got hurt and cried to a parent they picked you up and said you would feel better soon and tried to make you feel better.

That’s just what the world seems to do for you too, in a sense anyway, for me however I really started to look at the world more that way, kind of like, everything is wanting me to get what I want.

See it is as I have always said it, the world knows who you are and what you have to offer the world of man and it is just waiting on you to finally see it for yourself and do something about.

So it is like the quote that goes something along the lines of ...”The world has need of what you have to offer it.” You are loved and it does matter if you succeed in life, and you will see that much when you open your eyes to it and see it in the little and big blessings that come to you.

Jeez if you don’t believe it, then know that I luv you and I believe in you so get out there! and Make it happen! ^_^

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Enlightenment is fully understanding something you already knew.

It’s very interesting how so many things have double meanings like say “Think out side the box” everyone knows what that means, though for me it has two meanings.
First explanation everyone knows that thinking outside the box means in a round about way, to change the way you look at things. I agree with that way of thinking, things have improved for me when I’ve done that very thing.
Now my second explanation is to close your eyes and use your mind / imagination as your only senses. So when I hear people saying that I think of both. Though I use my imagination for it, I close my eyes and picture the thing in my mind’s eye and imagine how it would be and what if anything I would have to do. That is how I do a lot by design, using my imagination / thought and of course one you never forget Action! Take action on what you want, on what you have thought.

A better explanation to that is a couple of examples I have here that keep catching my attention and holding it. First is the song. Imagine by John Lennon of The Beatles. So to better make my point, I’ll take a few parts of the song and show you what I mean.

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can

I can imagine anything if I just try because like he says it’s easy if you try and that is my point and yeah of course I’m a dreamer : )
So you know that anything is possible if you try to imagine it, just like Napoleon Hill says -" Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

However I do have another example of what I mean here in a poem I wrote some years back. It’s about letting your mind take over and bringing what you want to you or taking you to what you want. It’s also a bit of Quantum Physics. It’s the knowing that even if you can’t see, feel hear, smell or touch something doesn't mean it isn’t real or at least not to me anyway. Though I knew that concept before I fully understood what it was that I knew, which is to me enlightenment!

Well my poem here is like watching the movie The Matrix. You can have anything you want but you just have to understand that it’s not really real anyway, well take it anyway you want, but for me I feel it’s both a bit scary to think of it that way but it’s also easier at the same time to believe it, now then take the part where Neo stands there and watches as all the guns and other stuff he could need, stop beside him. Very interesting. So think of this poem of mine the same way and think of things in life in the terms of your mind and imagination.
Though in a sense it’s kind of about which pill you choose ^_^

~Hall of dreams ~

I'm walking through a foggy hall of dreams
To my right sits a table
Set with all my favorite treats

To my left is a hugh
Light house
With waves crushing ashore

They are sea gulls everywhere
Crowding the beach
Picking at anything that looks like food

In front of me is a monstrous
With long cobweb filled halls,

A winding staircase and a scattering
Of secret rooms
Hidden amongst the walls

I see a huge fireplace and a chandler,
Over the dining room table
As I continue to roam

And from nowhere it seems
Comes the cute puppy
I always wanted to own

His eyes are so big and brown
As he darts through
My hands and legs

Tickling my shin and calf
Then over he rolls
As he demands a good belly rub,

And down I reach to do so.
But before I can
He disappears

Wanted to take him home
But got denied
Like everything else seems to do here

Not everything I dream
Rushes past to fast
Some slow just enough to see

As go on I catch beautiful glimpses
Of some of them
And then I see the sight

I had feared thought I wouldn't see

Your standing there waiting for me

Where you’ve been all along

And you beckon for me
To come stand by your side
We greet with the softest kiss

You smile take my hand
And say it's been
Far to long you know?

I've been waiting you here, you say
But I knew you'd come
And you confess your love to me

We watch the sun setting
And never before
Has it been so perfect or slow

The suns golden and red rays
Play across your face
And change the color of your hair

When the sun has finally set
You can still see the colors
So vividly fade away

The pinks, reds and purples
As they slowly disappear
Oh what a beautiful day

I still see the light caught in your eyes
Of the sunset like it's trapped in glue

I know I'm only here in mind
Not in body
But I can't leave ...I can't leave you

I can bring my body here
If I believe hard enough
And you know that I am right

I've always held you in my heart
And in my dreams
and I dream this dream every night....

~ Nia

My key point here is actually the end of the poem.

“ I know I'm only here in mind
Not in body”

Meaning that if you can think it is so in your mind. It can be in body as well. It also relates to the fact that we can live our lives by design instead of by default like we seem to end up doing. Think about the things you want in your life not the things you don’t want!
Realize that you can live your life just how you want to live it and you don't have take it as it comes to you, and living my life just how I want to and not waiting to see what it will be like, to me is the best thing I have ever heard of. So try you might just enjoy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Living by default or on purpose.

A lot been running through my mind here lately and especially right now so I have to put this out there and get it out of my head, though it wont be out of my mind because there it will stay to grow and change until it has become for me just what it needs to be.

So I've thought this one for a while now and I know that this is the time to put it out there because I now fully understand it myself so ...hehehe it makes it all that much easier for me. Plus how would it be if I didn't fully understand myself what I am trying to say?

Wouldn't be to cool. Hehe. Okay so I will just dig right in here. I've said and felt and thought for a while now that absolutely everything is possible. 1) You just have to believe in it and in yourself. 2) you have to have to unshakable faith, confidence and belief. Belief that it is so and total belief in yourself, that what you say is FACT. Sound like a lot to take on? Hmm maybe ...then again I don't think so at least not for me it isn't. Because I feel that I have been living up to this. Only I have just now got to feeling it and believing it now so.

What that means is letting go of all of your normal senses as they are and as you know them. Smell, hearing, taste, tough and sight, and basically just using your mind and imagination as your only senses and relay on those alone.

So in other words what I'm saying is this. Whatever you picture in your mind (whatever you imagine) you can and will bring into your hands to hold for your normal senses to see, feel, and smell. Or whatever you want.

So what that also means that you will be living your life by design and no longer will you be living your life simply by default anymore. It means that everything is in your hands alone. Or should I said in your head and heart. Care to try?

Well I'm doing this by a different means. I am writing out my life story right now instead of doing it years from now like others would do after it has all happened and they can tell about it. Instead I am putting everything I want into it and I'm living my life right now the way I want it to be tomorrow, only I'm doing it today instead.
I'm being the person I want to be tomorrow, but like I said I'm doing it today. Get the idea now.

Now here's the part that I still find myself wanting to run from. Why? Because I know it's all true and my old disbelieving self wants to fight not to believe what it knows is the truth and I feel that that's why most people don't do this. We can live our lives by design, putting into it whatever we want and being certain that those things are what we want to be putting in it.
An example of that is seeing something you want, and I do mean something really big that your not sure you will really have it but going ahead anyway.

The only thing here is that it must be something that you really want with all of your heart, now just say I want that and believe that you will have it. Unbelievable right. That's because your normal senses are to scared to believe it could be possible and you can prove it so by not even trying to make it possible.

Well I know someone personally who is doing wanting something that we both know that others think is impossible to have. I will not say who it is just that the person saw a singer and wants to meet that singer in person and even bigger then that wants to date the singer! And also believes with all of their heart that it can and will be so. 'N' I say WOW! Of course the thing is ...hehe I take a bit of credit for that one, because when I saw the singer I knew that person would like the singer too.

So I just showed the singers music video to that person and let the rest just be, and actually to my amazement it's bigger then I ever thought it would be.
Now I'm bad because I keep telling that person to just believe and to use the secret and I keep empowering and encouraging that person and now somehow I feel that I can fly on that feeling and belief that both that person and myself have. Plus I'm also taking my que from that person and fully letting go with my normal senses and believing like that person does.

Though like I said I feel that we are normally scared to let go with our normal senses and live life by our own design and not by default always wondering what's going to happen next. Think about it, did you ever think that you could live your life that way?

That means not wondering what's going to happen next and/or not knowing just what the future hold will for you. Because you will know, because you will have planed it all out to the tee. What that also means is habits will change and also you will be releasing limiting beliefs that you hold until you can believe that everything you want in your life to happen will indeed happen for you and you will no longer believe that anything is impossible. You will know that absolutely EVERYTHING is possible!

Now as I am finishing up writing this I have let go of another limiting belief and I have done it because 1) I am writing and that IS my strong point.
It always helps me release anything I need to work through.
And 2) because as I put the words on the screen I can see just how easy it all really is.
And 3) I am going with what I want and I'm no longer second guessing anything.
I'm just being sure now.

So yep this is the change I have felt in the air and it was for myself and that other person that I felt it for.

Though I keep seeing myself apart from most of everyone who is close to me...because even though they are close to me and I'm watching them I still feel like I am a world apart because of how I see, feel and believe things to be.

Also even though I do need a refill {for my glass right now;) } my glass is still half full, in a manner of speaking of course lol!
To bad those close to me, either have half empty glasses (or even worse yet completely empty glasses!)

I'm all hands off on that one, I know that I can not help them because they will have to do it themselves just like I did. No matter how I want to help I know I need to let it go for that is just the way of things.

Well that's it for now but I will return to this subject again since I still have more to say on the subject but I'll close for now.