Sunday, February 8, 2009

Standing on higher ground And Not falling into the Rabbit hole again

How often have you stood on higher ground from where you once stood and started thinking about how you didn't want to fall back down into that mental rabbit hole again?

We do not stand now where we stood at one time. Some of us have slid down further then we once were and wish to climb back up to a higher ground again, while others are now higher then they ever were before and understandably do not wish to fall back down into that low place “Rabbit hole” again.

Some people have seen great highs in life while others have seen some really low “Low’s” and wish nothing more then to see the higher ground but not only to see it but to feel it and to touch and to hold it smell it and taste it and to never have to go back to the lows ever again, and isn’t that what everyone wants in life? To have a great life and to never fall into the rabbit hole again and not wanting for the success that others have? Well who wouldn’t want that life?
Yes some times we do fall down again and some times again and again but we get up again and again as well and it’s always stronger then when we fell that we get up again and having more knowledge this time around.

Though it seems that the fear, hate or resentment of being in that hole again makes others fear hate or resent others for being in that very position that you were in at one time. I’ve seen it a lot and good example of it are of someone who was once poor and no longer so but not wanting anything at all to do with people who are poor, Which is indeed that person’s choice but that person acts like people who have reached a low are poison and are going to bring them back down to their level and that not being true especially if your emotionally secure and do not emulate another situation and troubles then of course there’s no worries there.
Then of course there is the case of feeling embarrassed and/or ashamed about even having stunk to that low in the first place and though for many it wasn’t their fault in the first place they still feel bad about it and myself not with standing feel bad about stinking to a “low” but some times you have to fall hard before life has your full undivided attention and then be able to get back again better then ever and if you see it that way most of those things that happen your “falling down” are a wake up call from your life which is in it self nothing more then a blessing but most people don’t see it that way until maybe much later.
While others still continue to hate and resent themselves and to feel ashamed and disappointed and so unless they can learn to deal with what they were given and to forgive themselves and move on it still seems that they will resent others when they could and/or should be showing them compassion instead because they know what it’s like to be there.

Well needless to say there’s nothing to feel bad about even if you feel ashamed at yourself for having been down so low, many people were there before you and there’s going to be many more there after you and even though you feel disappointed in yourself about it you will have to find it in you to forgive yourself and move on from there and take the lessons you surely learned from it and put them to good use and not hold resentment against others for being where you yourself were once because “Unless you have traveled their road you’ve no right to judge another until you have been down their road”

Plus it’s easy to resent because you see a part of yourself in them and you can really hate that in yourself and in another person and also if you fear that they will bring you back down to their level then only the fear of being that again will in it self bring you back down because will you fear will inevitably give you what you fear in the end because thoughts create our world and that which get on a daily basis is thus our thoughts rather it is something we want or something we do not want, We get it because we think about it a lot but that is another thing altogether though it is still very true. Though however if you are emulating another’s troubles and situation then you’ll start having trouble in your own life seeing things from a positive perspective and you do not need to bring someone else’s trouble in your own life when all you need to do is listen to the person and offer advice if and/or when or where it is needed and leave it at that and if you find that hard to do then it is best that you practice break away points where you just tell yourself that it’s enough and every time you start thinking about it you are going to think about some more positive instead or if you want to think about then you will promise yourself to think about for only ten minutes of your time and ONLY for ten minutes and no more then that at en appointed you choose in your day.
Because I repeat you do not need to take on someone else’s trouble when you have your own life no matter how much you might be able to relate to them and no matter how much you care it’s still no good for you to emulate them.

So while I now understand better why some resent others for being where they at one time were themselves I still can not make them change nor can I get them to see if from my point of view, All that I can do is ask that people have more compassion for others because they too have been through tough times and they of all people be able to understand and of all people you’d think that they would show compassion but they are few and far in-between because they don’t care to come face to face with a reflection of what they once were.
So for those kind of people I’ll say have a little compassion when you know what it’s like to be there and do not to emulate another person when their trouble is not yours to bear just be a good person and listen to another in their time of need.