Sunday, March 15, 2009

Living in the moment. Calm grounding effect

Life is and always will be right here right now in this very moment and in none other.
Which of course we all know so very well because happened yesterday or the day before or a year ago was only then and is something that hopefully we learned from and gone now not to return and tomorrow...well it will take care of it self. So therefore all we have is the here and now this moment and really that is what I like I like best of all because I am happy right here right now and I have to say that if it was to be my very last moment I know that it will have been my best moment in time yet because I am happy and content in it and that above all is what’s most important.
To make every moment of every day your very best just by choosing to make it so and being happy in it and so I am.

However that being said. I may by be content and happy but I still want more then that and I know that’s fine and only normal cause while I am happy because my life as I believe it to be is on track and I am working towards my dreams and goals step by step and living in the moment and seeing the sights along the way also, but I still have a long way yet to go to get everything I want and have set up goals to get and they will all come in time and some are still ahead.

I know when I think about it all that everything is working out right because I told someone what I wanted, I put it down in writing and when I did so something happened at that time. I said Whoa I can actually feel that I will be there where I want to be doing what I want to do when I want to do it and at the time I said I would be doing that. And what happened is that I set things into play because I had a goal that I set for myself to get and go after and ever since then I knew that I would get it without a doubt in my mind because I just felt so sure it was a gut instinct told me so and on top of that I have been working towards it ever since and when I take time out of the daily happenings I see how far I have come from that spot in time to where I am now and how much closer I am towards the getting/having of that goal and it just proves that I was right.

So it just adds to my certainly and sureness of things working out for my highest good. But at the same time it also adds to my calm state of mind that I use to have a problem achieving because I use to worry about things all time and when I say all the time I do mean ALL THE TIME.
But not anymore because I know now that 1) everything happens for a reason and that it’s always for our highest good even it can not be seen at first when looking it’s easier to see. And I know that 2) worrying isn’t going to help anything and 3) most important of all is one of my now favorite things to say is that life never gives us more then we can handle at one time and if it is given us then that means we now have what it takes to handle it and that in itself brings me no end of sureness and calmness as well.

Plus living for the moment and no other, grounds me just the way I need to be grounded because I know as I have heard it said that “Every moment is a gift if we are present in it” and my favorite of all is “Magic is created in the moment”. And true too because the more I feel and believe it seems to be the more true it becomes and I just love that.

But what I am driving at is that when I get more of my goals accomplished in time I will look back at times like this and say I just always knew I where I would be and what I would be doing and what I could accomplish and I will probably be saying that I knew that living in the moment for the moment and stopping along the way to “smell the roses” was one of the best things I could ever do.

Though more on that point is this the reason why I am content is that I know that what I need is in this moment and that I am where I am suppose to be doing what I am suppose to be doing. Now see I use to always everything right now now NOW and not do much of the work that needs to be put into it I just wanted it, but it never got me any where until I learned that I needed to be learning more and opening myself up to changes and learning experiencing new things situations and meeting the right people. So with that clearly in mind I seem to keep meeting the right people all the time and every situation I face has something wonderful in it, so that I know I am at the right place at the right time doing the right things and meeting the right people learning the right things and experiencing right things etc etc well anyhow you get what I’m talking about so it serves to make me content with the Here and now so that I am always looking forward to the experiences and what I can learn from them and anyone and everyone at any given time and as I face anything now adays I always ask myself what is this teaching me? What do I have to learn from this? Or what do I have to learn from this person? I always those terms about everything and everyone and I know that it’s right that I should look at things that way because it keeps me thus grounded and calm to know that what I am doing right now is exactly what I need to be doing and that it is good for me and for my bigger picture, so when I look back I will see how far I’ve come and know with certainty that IT REALLY WAS what I needed and it’s just another little step towards my whole bigger picture/dream to being completed.

It’s really very exciting when I think about it and it gave me another few of my own words to make into a new quote of my own again “Whatever is in my head and heart I will hold in my hand(s)”

So I have come a long long ways and though I’ve maybe still a long ways to go it doesn’t really seem that far anymore because what really matters is the moment that’s right here right now and I know that I will do what I want most to do and will be where I want to be because I will be living in the moment so I will never go wrong there and I will do my very best to always stay thus grounded and that it in self will see me content.

Cheers and all the love and joy I am feeling ...Right here Right now ^_^