Friday, January 23, 2009

Stepping outside of your comfort Zone.- Welcome to the life that’s been waiting for You.

Stepping outside of your comfort Zone.- Welcome to the life that’s been waiting for You.

Like must of us you've probably heard people say "If you want to get something you've never had, You have to step outside your comfort Zone" I learned the real meaning of stepping outside your comfort zone for myself a few months ago now and I now know what it’s all like how it feels and some times we all need a good push the first time of stepping outside of our comfort zone but I will say to never wait to be kicked out! Though I believe that when we’re ready to step out it’s really easy and you find it to be a great thing and you will find the life out there that has been waiting for you all along.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone not only means going after what you want and doing things even though your not comfortable doing them but it also means change and a lot of it in order for this to happen, Change is a constant must and a constant thing in life for us, the people around us and for life it self .

Stepping outside your comfort zone means being vulnerable and even though it's a bit scary I found that the rewards were well worth it in the end and being vulnerable makes you feel so alive and though like myself you may want to run back to your comfort zone i.e. the place where you feel safe from harm you’ll find that it’s not bad at all and it’s not really scary at all it’s just something that you’ve never known.

It means that if you never try to doing anything different then what and all that you know now then you will never see any change in life and it will hold you back from great things happening for you in life such as doing and being more then you are currently and being who you were always meant to become.
At the same time it's like wanting change but fearing it so much that your to paralyzed to move, So you just keep going in circles never changing and never growing or learning and living all that you were meant to live in life.

That's why most of us know what we want but don't believe we can really have or deserve it.
Because even though we want it we wont most of the time take a step in a new direction to get what we want most.
That is a limited belief, because it is far easier to say ‘Well I can't get it anyway so why try’?

Wont the rewards be worth the risk? And the risk may not be that big or bad as you think it is and most times the risk is far smaller then you think or feel it is it is all just something that you are afraid to try so it keeps you stuck in place because of the fear of it and fear is the biggest and worst enemy you have.

Risk and change are something of which we all need on a regular basis and the worst part of it is that most of us know that we need that change but are to scared to take a chance and see what we get when we take that chance and being as how that means being vulnerable that also means being open to hurt and no one likes to get hurt,
It COULD also mean a little criticism and change from the normal day to day routine and even though most of us want that much needed change we also fear it at the same time, So it leaves you slipping back into the same old rut again and again not making any progress or moving forward.

When you start stepping outside your comfort zone all you really need to do is just take baby steps at first, You can take big steps if you wish though I would highly suggest small steps because your use to what your trying to do, though you may feel scared at first and very vulnerable it’s okay to be vulnerable because being vulnerable isn't that bad and life I said it makes you feel super alive and once you start to take small steps outside your comfort zone you’ll see what I mean and you’ll realize that you haven’t been really living until you start doing little things towards stepping out and you’ll see how quicker things start lining up just right in your life for you.

Being vulnerable makes you feel more alive and more in tune with everything yourself and more in tune with life and then you will begin to notice this more and more you’ll also begin to feel more joy and happiness in life and you’ll be more happy with yourself as well and life will become easier and fun and will flow almost effortlessly.

Here’s a few tips I would suggest for stepping outside your comfort zone and are many of the things I did.

1) Get a Mentor or Coach, So that you have someone to coach you in your efforts and will hold you accountable.

2) Figure out what your comfort zone and formulate a plan for stepping outside of it and take steps daily for stepping outside your comfort zone.

3) Always take small steps at first as it’s something that your not use to doing and you need to be a bit comfortable doing it. Though you will at a certain point want to push yourself a little to see how you do because after a time you be ready for it so take a chance on yourself and your inner strengths

4) Break your daily routines and try something new at least once a day.

5)If your shy like myself then try meeting a few new people and talking to them even if only a small conversation it’s worth it and it will help build confidants at the same time.

6) Also after you’ve tried doing many of the above it’s good to start pushing yourself a little and putting yourself out there more then you’re at first comfortable doing because it will in the long run help to further you and you’ll most likely find that it helps you out a lot more then you would otherwise have thought that it would.

7) Do at one thing that makes you feel uncomfortable doing and tell yourself that you are the hero and everything you need is there inside of you and that you know you can do it! And that you have what it takes!

Take a chance on life and find out what you can do and all you can be, "Life has always been there waiting for you to be ready for it, When your ready the world is open for you and waiting for you to realize that it needs you more then you would ever know and what you have to are you ready for it?.”
Take a chance on life.

Here’s to you and all that you don’t know that you are.
Blessings love and light to guide your path always.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The World of Hope Lies within You.

The World of hope lies within you.

Every time you fall you have the strength within yourself to rise again stronger then before and in that is the knowing that every answer you seek also lays within you.

Those answers can come to you easily when you take the time to listen to what’s going on in the inside with the intention of learning.
So it is time to take a journey within and find the one person who knows you best and who always has the answers to every question that you would ask of another and in even in every troubling time you may be faced with ..the strength lays within to overcome that too.
By using the power of journalizing to find self realization and the power within you to do anything you might have at once thought that you could not do.

When trouble comes to us we often times search for something to helps us out of the trouble that we face when instead we should be looking within ourselves knowing that the one who's truly going to save us from our troubles is one person we look at in the mirror day in and day out.

Look at yourself and see the strength that lays within to do the otherwise thought impossible and to overcome times of strife and challenge.

Look within you to find the confidence and courage to take small steps outside of your comfort zone to become more then you know you could be and to rise to the challenges that life gives you as are needed so that you are better able to face them all with clarity and certainty you’ll have achieved.

Look within to find answers to daily challenges that you are faced with and you will find the answers when you open your heart to learning and listen closely to what is being said.

You are your own hero.
You make your own luck and you are the writer of the story of your life and you choose how you live your life and who stays and who leaves.

You are the only one who can create the life you want to live and you are the one who determines what you get in your life by your thoughts feelings and actions, for whatever you think about most...that you will become be it good or bad it is all up to you.

It is how you make your luck and creates your destiny and in full it creates the story that is your life as you know it.

Choose to make it the best life you can have right here, right now make it all it can be.
Dream big. Think Big. Live your life as if it was the biggest and best thing you could ever want if you had your choice from the very first breathe you ever drew in this life.

Live each day as if it was your last and choose to make it the best day of your life ever!.
For if it was your last day in life you would want it to always be your very best, so that if you were told it was to be your last you would know that you spent it was the you could have made it. Make it so.

Seek to find your purpose in life so that you always live it fulfilled

Choose love and peace. Choose to inspire encourage and empower.
Choose to be kind thoughtful loving and forgiving. To others as well as to yourself thus you should always be in every breathe.

Choose to live in the NOW Moment and choose to live your life to be the best you can be.

To all of that is the world that lays within. See it! Be it! Know it and go it!