Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take a chance, you might just find you have everything to lose and everything to gain from it

Why is it that we fear to do some things and not others? I feel the answer to that question is comfort zone, something's we fear to do because it is out side of our current comfort zone, while others are not.

Some times also we don't do a lot of the things we really want to do because we are scared to do them, and as a result of that we find ourselves unhappy and/or resentful of others who have more then we do.

Another direct result of not getting or going for what we want is of course having less then we deserve and lower self-esteem and lowered self confidence.

How many times have you not done something or gone for something you knew you really wanted, and all because the "what if's" kept popping up in your mind so you didn't?

Some times we wait and in some of those times we wait to long or until we feel pain and only then do we act. No one should wait until they feel pain and yet, pain is a big motivating force. You would think that everyone likes to learn the hard, no in fact it is that we want change and fear it at the same time.

Would you rather learn the hard way what happens when you don't go for what you want?
I have seen what the price to pay is when you don't take a chance, some times it is not that bad. Other times it is.

Just before I saw what listening to the what if's and not taking a chance does, had read something and it started me thinking, what if I didn't take a chance even if I was scared and really missed out, you know, I said as much to my mother, I told her that we should be more afraid of what "WONT happen" because we did not take a chance then actually being afraid of "Might" happen. I would rather say that I took a chance no matter what then to say, 'oh jeez I could have had that' it's a better way to do things then to just sit and watch things pass you by that you could have had.

I have a very good example of what missing out on something is like and I hope it goes home for you so that you wont have to learn the hard way. Okay this one is really personal difficult to write but I strongly about putting it out there for others to see so they could learn from it the way I did and am so thankful I did.

I have known someone that I would have given my right arm to date (well maybe not bu you get my meaning) so anyway I got to know him some but not really well because I was and I wasn't all that interested and I was put off by the difference in age. So even though I liked him and I knew he liked me I kind of went the other way and didn't let him know I was interested, mostly because of the age and I told myself that he wasn't really interested in me or at least that's what I told myself, confidence was a problem as well.

So let a long time pass me by and didn't do anything until it was to late, of course in that time I had met someone whom I was engaged to be married to, and of course I needed time to move on again, but by then I found out I was to late because he is taken now.

Though while having a conversation with my sister the other day it just kind of hit me what I had to learn from it, because while I knew that we can lose out on some good things if we try or take chance but this time I had something to go on. Something that I had a chance at and missed out on, and I regret having missed the chance now that I have the confidence.

So even though I know now what people mean when first hand when they go for it right and do not wait until you have this or that, and why is because you might never have the chance, and so it was with me.

Even though it happened I'm really glad it did because I learned a very valuable life lesson and I do not care how I learned it because I needed to learn it and it's going to stay with me for a long time. So whenever I see something that I want to go for and I'm a little bit scared about it, I'll think about that situation and realize just what I have could lose if I don't take a chance.

I know that this is a really big turning point in my life and I feel that I'm going to be so much more thankful for having learned that lesson later on in life.

So I hope you can learn from my example and not have to do things the hard way and remember this go for it and don't wait until you have something you "think" you need, so while you might have nothing to gain from it you might just have everything to lose, you never know.

"You don't know what you could lose if you don't go for it, you could just gain a lifetime."