Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Living by default or on purpose.

A lot been running through my mind here lately and especially right now so I have to put this out there and get it out of my head, though it wont be out of my mind because there it will stay to grow and change until it has become for me just what it needs to be.

So I've thought this one for a while now and I know that this is the time to put it out there because I now fully understand it myself so ...hehehe it makes it all that much easier for me. Plus how would it be if I didn't fully understand myself what I am trying to say?

Wouldn't be to cool. Hehe. Okay so I will just dig right in here. I've said and felt and thought for a while now that absolutely everything is possible. 1) You just have to believe in it and in yourself. 2) you have to have to unshakable faith, confidence and belief. Belief that it is so and total belief in yourself, that what you say is FACT. Sound like a lot to take on? Hmm maybe ...then again I don't think so at least not for me it isn't. Because I feel that I have been living up to this. Only I have just now got to feeling it and believing it now so.

What that means is letting go of all of your normal senses as they are and as you know them. Smell, hearing, taste, tough and sight, and basically just using your mind and imagination as your only senses and relay on those alone.

So in other words what I'm saying is this. Whatever you picture in your mind (whatever you imagine) you can and will bring into your hands to hold for your normal senses to see, feel, and smell. Or whatever you want.

So what that also means that you will be living your life by design and no longer will you be living your life simply by default anymore. It means that everything is in your hands alone. Or should I said in your head and heart. Care to try?

Well I'm doing this by a different means. I am writing out my life story right now instead of doing it years from now like others would do after it has all happened and they can tell about it. Instead I am putting everything I want into it and I'm living my life right now the way I want it to be tomorrow, only I'm doing it today instead.
I'm being the person I want to be tomorrow, but like I said I'm doing it today. Get the idea now.

Now here's the part that I still find myself wanting to run from. Why? Because I know it's all true and my old disbelieving self wants to fight not to believe what it knows is the truth and I feel that that's why most people don't do this. We can live our lives by design, putting into it whatever we want and being certain that those things are what we want to be putting in it.
An example of that is seeing something you want, and I do mean something really big that your not sure you will really have it but going ahead anyway.

The only thing here is that it must be something that you really want with all of your heart, now just say I want that and believe that you will have it. Unbelievable right. That's because your normal senses are to scared to believe it could be possible and you can prove it so by not even trying to make it possible.

Well I know someone personally who is doing wanting something that we both know that others think is impossible to have. I will not say who it is just that the person saw a singer and wants to meet that singer in person and even bigger then that wants to date the singer! And also believes with all of their heart that it can and will be so. 'N' I say WOW! Of course the thing is ...hehe I take a bit of credit for that one, because when I saw the singer I knew that person would like the singer too.

So I just showed the singers music video to that person and let the rest just be, and actually to my amazement it's bigger then I ever thought it would be.
Now I'm bad because I keep telling that person to just believe and to use the secret and I keep empowering and encouraging that person and now somehow I feel that I can fly on that feeling and belief that both that person and myself have. Plus I'm also taking my que from that person and fully letting go with my normal senses and believing like that person does.

Though like I said I feel that we are normally scared to let go with our normal senses and live life by our own design and not by default always wondering what's going to happen next. Think about it, did you ever think that you could live your life that way?

That means not wondering what's going to happen next and/or not knowing just what the future hold will for you. Because you will know, because you will have planed it all out to the tee. What that also means is habits will change and also you will be releasing limiting beliefs that you hold until you can believe that everything you want in your life to happen will indeed happen for you and you will no longer believe that anything is impossible. You will know that absolutely EVERYTHING is possible!

Now as I am finishing up writing this I have let go of another limiting belief and I have done it because 1) I am writing and that IS my strong point.
It always helps me release anything I need to work through.
And 2) because as I put the words on the screen I can see just how easy it all really is.
And 3) I am going with what I want and I'm no longer second guessing anything.
I'm just being sure now.

So yep this is the change I have felt in the air and it was for myself and that other person that I felt it for.

Though I keep seeing myself apart from most of everyone who is close to me...because even though they are close to me and I'm watching them I still feel like I am a world apart because of how I see, feel and believe things to be.

Also even though I do need a refill {for my glass right now;) } my glass is still half full, in a manner of speaking of course lol!
To bad those close to me, either have half empty glasses (or even worse yet completely empty glasses!)

I'm all hands off on that one, I know that I can not help them because they will have to do it themselves just like I did. No matter how I want to help I know I need to let it go for that is just the way of things.

Well that's it for now but I will return to this subject again since I still have more to say on the subject but I'll close for now.

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