Sunday, April 19, 2009

Enlightenment is fully understanding something you already knew.

It’s very interesting how so many things have double meanings like say “Think out side the box” everyone knows what that means, though for me it has two meanings.
First explanation everyone knows that thinking outside the box means in a round about way, to change the way you look at things. I agree with that way of thinking, things have improved for me when I’ve done that very thing.
Now my second explanation is to close your eyes and use your mind / imagination as your only senses. So when I hear people saying that I think of both. Though I use my imagination for it, I close my eyes and picture the thing in my mind’s eye and imagine how it would be and what if anything I would have to do. That is how I do a lot by design, using my imagination / thought and of course one you never forget Action! Take action on what you want, on what you have thought.

A better explanation to that is a couple of examples I have here that keep catching my attention and holding it. First is the song. Imagine by John Lennon of The Beatles. So to better make my point, I’ll take a few parts of the song and show you what I mean.

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can

I can imagine anything if I just try because like he says it’s easy if you try and that is my point and yeah of course I’m a dreamer : )
So you know that anything is possible if you try to imagine it, just like Napoleon Hill says -" Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

However I do have another example of what I mean here in a poem I wrote some years back. It’s about letting your mind take over and bringing what you want to you or taking you to what you want. It’s also a bit of Quantum Physics. It’s the knowing that even if you can’t see, feel hear, smell or touch something doesn't mean it isn’t real or at least not to me anyway. Though I knew that concept before I fully understood what it was that I knew, which is to me enlightenment!

Well my poem here is like watching the movie The Matrix. You can have anything you want but you just have to understand that it’s not really real anyway, well take it anyway you want, but for me I feel it’s both a bit scary to think of it that way but it’s also easier at the same time to believe it, now then take the part where Neo stands there and watches as all the guns and other stuff he could need, stop beside him. Very interesting. So think of this poem of mine the same way and think of things in life in the terms of your mind and imagination.
Though in a sense it’s kind of about which pill you choose ^_^

~Hall of dreams ~

I'm walking through a foggy hall of dreams
To my right sits a table
Set with all my favorite treats

To my left is a hugh
Light house
With waves crushing ashore

They are sea gulls everywhere
Crowding the beach
Picking at anything that looks like food

In front of me is a monstrous
With long cobweb filled halls,

A winding staircase and a scattering
Of secret rooms
Hidden amongst the walls

I see a huge fireplace and a chandler,
Over the dining room table
As I continue to roam

And from nowhere it seems
Comes the cute puppy
I always wanted to own

His eyes are so big and brown
As he darts through
My hands and legs

Tickling my shin and calf
Then over he rolls
As he demands a good belly rub,

And down I reach to do so.
But before I can
He disappears

Wanted to take him home
But got denied
Like everything else seems to do here

Not everything I dream
Rushes past to fast
Some slow just enough to see

As go on I catch beautiful glimpses
Of some of them
And then I see the sight

I had feared thought I wouldn't see

Your standing there waiting for me

Where you’ve been all along

And you beckon for me
To come stand by your side
We greet with the softest kiss

You smile take my hand
And say it's been
Far to long you know?

I've been waiting you here, you say
But I knew you'd come
And you confess your love to me

We watch the sun setting
And never before
Has it been so perfect or slow

The suns golden and red rays
Play across your face
And change the color of your hair

When the sun has finally set
You can still see the colors
So vividly fade away

The pinks, reds and purples
As they slowly disappear
Oh what a beautiful day

I still see the light caught in your eyes
Of the sunset like it's trapped in glue

I know I'm only here in mind
Not in body
But I can't leave ...I can't leave you

I can bring my body here
If I believe hard enough
And you know that I am right

I've always held you in my heart
And in my dreams
and I dream this dream every night....

~ Nia

My key point here is actually the end of the poem.

“ I know I'm only here in mind
Not in body”

Meaning that if you can think it is so in your mind. It can be in body as well. It also relates to the fact that we can live our lives by design instead of by default like we seem to end up doing. Think about the things you want in your life not the things you don’t want!
Realize that you can live your life just how you want to live it and you don't have take it as it comes to you, and living my life just how I want to and not waiting to see what it will be like, to me is the best thing I have ever heard of. So try you might just enjoy.

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