Thursday, May 21, 2009

The universe loves YOU

Has anyone ever told you just how loved you are? Not just by people, but by god or source or the universe, or whatever that is higher then ourselves that you believe in. For me it is “God’ the universe and/or the world at large.

I know that I am loved and that I am watched over, here I’ll tell you what I mean in more detail.

This is something that has been running through my mind a lot the last few months and it has given me a different outlook on life, it is a more positive way of looking at things and that’s for sure. These kinds of things continue to run through my mind in after something happens to show me this king of thing.

Just like everyone does, I fall down and get back up dust myself off again, at times I’m not quite sure why it is that I fall. (at least not until afterward's) though if I did know why, then I would never fall at all. However like so many people I’m a work in progress and so is figuring some things that out.

One thing is for sure whenever I have trouble trying to figure something out, and am starting to come out of the “out of place” feeling something almost always seems to happen to show me that I am loved.
Loved by god or a higher source or the universe or whatever you want to call it. I know I am loved, even if I didn’t feel so by people then I would always know that a higher power loves me. The same for everyone out there, everyone is loved watched over by a higher power, it’s just that more often then not most people don’t recognize it or even realize it.

(Though if you do feel something is off for no explainable reason, it’s probably because you are going to make a quantum shift. meaning the way your conscious mind views things, the way you perceive things is getting ready to change. I know that from experience and from a friend.)

Another thing to note is that some times we focus on figuring out what the problem is when instead you should be focusing on what makes you feel good.

Anyway to continue my story here, I felt that off feeling a bit again like I’m missing something and not quite sure what or that I’m not doing something I should be doing. I can only guess to part of why I felt that way but the rest of it I have no idea.

I think maybe one reason for feeling something was wrong is because I lost a penny I carry with me everywhere. Yes I know it’s just A penny right, but not to me it’s not.

Because it was my grandfathers and since he’s no longer alive I like to keep some little things of his and I liked to carry it around on my person. I never found it but that’s not really important because what I learned from it is.

I went out for a walk, I found a penny and just smiled because it’s interesting that whenever I feel out of place the universe is always showing me in small ways that I am loved. It always wants us to have what we want.

It’s kind of like the worlds way of saying that it wants you to be happy and that whatever you want you Can and Will have, whatever, it’s yours. In a sense it’s like your a child and when you got hurt and cried to a parent they picked you up and said you would feel better soon and tried to make you feel better.

That’s just what the world seems to do for you too, in a sense anyway, for me however I really started to look at the world more that way, kind of like, everything is wanting me to get what I want.

See it is as I have always said it, the world knows who you are and what you have to offer the world of man and it is just waiting on you to finally see it for yourself and do something about.

So it is like the quote that goes something along the lines of ...”The world has need of what you have to offer it.” You are loved and it does matter if you succeed in life, and you will see that much when you open your eyes to it and see it in the little and big blessings that come to you.

Jeez if you don’t believe it, then know that I luv you and I believe in you so get out there! and Make it happen! ^_^

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